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You must be thinking, Facebook? how old are you? 40. Its just a stereotype to think that only old people use Facebook. While that maybe true that about 40% of the facebook users are in their mid 30’s  to late 40’s. But doesn’t mean that there are no youngsters there. Especially, with Mark Zuckerberg acquisition two most popular social media in the world, to under his name and brand. Yes, I’m talking about Instagram and Whatsapp. These two app are owned by Facebook, this given a younger demography who use Instagram and Whatsapp, some familiarity to Facebook.  That’s right, now millenials and Gen Z using facebook.

Now as a social media, logically speaking. You can make content on Facebook. Facebook has been upping their game since 2014, now they have ranges of feature that could put twitter to shame. Thats right, there are no word limits. Using twitter, you could only type 200 characters, they forced you to make a thread. But with Facebook you could type more than 1000 characters.

When I say, Facebook has been upping their platform. I’m not joking, beside the usual birthday reminder post, you could also post carousel-like photos or videos in Facebook. You could even post a short video in Facebook.

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But, how to optimize Facebook to my advantage? to make an attractive content? There’s a lot of ways for that, but if you haven’t found one that suit your liking yet. Maybe you can get a professional to create it for you.

You might be thinking, how a professional photographer could create your content. Well we can’t, but what we could do is direct and provide the equipment, also the editing part. You can give us an idea, and we run it through, create a perfect script for the content.

We came here with the solution to your problem. We got your back. How about you sit down and let the professional do the job for you. We are a professional studio specialize in multimedia content creator. Our studio is, a Palangkaraya-based multimedia studio is in your service. has worked with so many industry, Event Organizers, Brand, and companies. We provide the best service for our product and service, with consistency and efficiency in quality. And to top it off, our offering prices is negotiable and a very great steal.

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