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Nowadays, who doesn’t know Tik Tok? the app, not the Ke$ha song, that was so 2010’s. This year most popular social media app, goes to Tik Tok. Lets see some of the very notable stars  that could make millions from Tik Tok, such as 2beha10ribu, the funny guy who make sarcastic back-handed comment as he cooks very delicious dishes. He make millions just from the comfort of his own, and to think he is a teenager too. This show how powerful this social media platform. And again what does it mean if one social media have so much influence? yes a chance to market or promote in there.

Let me give you an example, once upon a time, there was an ordinary Pangsit Goreng vendor called Lek Gino. His dish are good, but again he is an ordinary street vendor. One day, someone anonymus make a video reviewing his dishes. This video went viral back in 2019. Because of that one minute video, Lek Gino Stall, went from ordinary stall with decent customers, became the sudden hot spot. His dish reviewed by many famous names in culinary lovers community in Indonesia. Keep in mind even Lek Gino couldnt predict this much success when he give his consent to some random kid filming his dishes. Nowadays, to be able to taste his food, you have book at least few days before. Could you imagine that, just for a plate of street food?

See, this is an example about how popular this social media platform is, even some random kid on it can post something and went viral, and give street business some hype. This show that anything could happen, marketing dream. Like any social media, when there is somebody or something went viral, its guarantee the said something will surely sold out. and if its somebody that went viral, she/he will surely be invited to television programs.

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Now, how to maximaze the benefit from this social media platform. The main character from this app is that you post one-minute video. So in need to market your product, you need to make your video short and informative. How to make it short but at the same time need to attract attention. Well theres a secret trick for that, but its not particularly a secret, more like a technique in video making.

So now, you want to make a short video for your product, but you did and its too long and not attractive at all. How about you sit down and let the professional do the job for you. We are a professional studio specialize in multimedia content creator. Our studi is, a Palangkaraya-based multimedia studio is in your service. has worked with so many industry, Event Organizers, Brand, and companies. We provide the best service for our product and service, with consistency and efficiency in quality. And to top it off, our offering prices is negotiable and a very great steal.

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