Product Photography: Attractive Marketing Strategy

When doing any product promotion activities, having the images pr photos to be released as well is a must. Not only to give a whole image of the product to audiences, but also to emphasize and demonstrate the functions and the quality of the product as well as create some attractive impressions of the product.

Fun fact: remember that the audiences are engaged more to a serve of visuals than written texts. There, now you know how important product photography is, right?


Marketing Strategy

Good results of product photography would increase the sales, for sure. Additionally, you would also make a good and trustworthy impression of yourself as well as your brand in the market. Of course, it’s gotta be done with real images only – remember to stay authentic!

Furthermore, you can put product photographs or images literally everywhere, especially in the social media. Promotion and marketing activities will get easier as well with the real images taken by the professionals. Not only will the engagement improve, but also the sales will increase! ?

Basically, there are two major kinds of product photography:

  1. Product-only photos

As how it’s named, this type only displays the product with a goal of showing off your product entirely and also its functions or ingredients, taken in the best angle and lighting to enhance the image quality. Usually, product only images only has white background so that the focus and the center of attention are fully directed to the product.

Mengapa Foto Produk di Era Digital Marketing Sangat Penting? Simak Penjelasan Pakar Pemasaran - Banjarmasin Post

If you choose this type, you will need to capture from several different angles for maximum results.


      2. In-context photos

Also called lifestyle shots, the concept of this type is showing or demonstrating how to use or wear the product.

10 Trik Foto Produk Bermodalkan HP untuk Jualan Online. Hasilnya Mirip Fotografer Profesional!

You can also create more ideas by combining the two kinds of product photography. And of course, you gotta make sure the results come out interesting, attractive, and informative.


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