What Is A Documentation Service?

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This time, Yesternight.ID wants to give you brief, concise, and clear information about documentation.

First of all, let’s study together with the meaning or definition of the documentation.

So, documentation is a systematic activity or process in collecting, searching, investigating, using, and providing documents to obtain information, informing knowledge and evidence, and disseminating it to users.

Paul Otlet - Wikipedia bahasa Indonesia, ensiklopedia bebas

There is a person named Paul Otlet and he once said,

In the 1905 International Economic Conference, Paul Otlet described the idea of ​​documentation as a special activity in the form of collecting, processing, storing, recovering, and distributing documents.

Now let’s see what are the objectives of the documentation activities:

  • Assisting services in the field of documentation
  • Publish a documentation publication journal
  • Hold scientific seminar conferences
  • Create and develop a catalog
  • Etc.

Do you know that documentation has a lot of scopes? Starting from a celebration or wedding event, crafting products (Art Craft), start-up business promotions, birthday parties, and many other activities that can be documented.

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