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Have you ever heard of aerial videos before? What’s on your mind when you first heard this word?

“Is air as an object that will be immortalized by means of video?”

“Or is it taking video from above that is meant?”

It is very natural if you are confused or surprised when you first hear this word.

But, don’t worry. Yesternight.ID will explain what aerial video is about.

Aerial photography or cinematography is the taking of pictures (shoot) from the air, using either an airplane, a helicopter, or an unmanned aircraft (UAV). Which aims to create a more spectacular and dramatic viewpoint.

The technique of taking aerial video is very different from shooting on the land because the photographer or cinematographer is required to have more abilities apart from technical photography/cinematography.

According to Yesternight.ID, taking pictures from the air or what can be called aerial photography is not just about capturing images, but we also pay attention to the lighting factor, angle of view, and camera movement so that the results obtained look more beautiful, dramatic, and spectacular.

Aerial video is now widely used for a number of purposes:


Promotional videos have been widely used to introduce new products or old products from a company. It is no longer by applying leaflets or other printed media, but promotional videos are considered more easily accepted by the public so that the products promoted are easier to reach the public.


Documentation in ancient times was identical to printed photos, but nowadays documentation can be collected in one video frame. Of course, it’s more charming and enjoyable to watch when you’re feeling nostalgic. An elegant impression, that can not be damaged, and can also be watched at any time is another advantage of documentation using aerial video services.


An institution can use aerial video services to introduce their profile. If on a conventional profile or in the form of articles printed on banners, pamphlets, brochures, or billboards there is a risk of damage. It will be different when compared to aerial videos that can be posted online because they can be watched anytime and anywhere. So that the profile of an institution or company can be accessed by all virtual world users in the world. That is why institutions and companies have started to switch to video company profiles that can be immortalized with aerial videos.

Anyone can take pictures, unfortunately, not everyone can take pictures or capture something from the air because of the special equipment and techniques that must be qualified. Even though the results of these aerial photos and videos are very impressive and interesting.

Then, what solutions can Yesternight.ID offers you?

Just use our services. We provide a photo and video aerial services which are certainly handled by a professional and experienced team in their field.

Yesternight.ID has collaborated with hundreds of industries, EOs, brands, and companies. We also apply the best systems in our service and production in order to maintain efficiency and improve quality. In addition, the economic prices of our services will certainly ease your burden.

What are you waiting for? Come and contact us immediately and we’ll be ready to help.

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