Aerial Photography and Documentary Shots

Have you ever seen a tourist destination ad campaign? or urban city documentary? what do they have in common? Yes, the landscape shots. This is what you call aerial shots. Aerial shots is documentation; could be pictures or video from up above using a drone to capture said moment.

Or maybe you want a better example, when you graduate high school usually all the student are instructed to form a line shaped as batch year. This photo later taken by drone so up high in the air. This is also an aerial shots.

The aim of aerial photography is to taking pictures from the sky, using either an airplane, mostly used drone to do it. Which aims to create a miniscule but spectacular and dramatic viewpoint from the above.

A picture or a video that could be called an aerial photography is not just about capturing images, but we also pay attention to the lighting factor, angle of view, and camera movement so that the results obtained look more beautiful and dramatic. Yes, dramatic is the emphasis here. Take an example of picture below.


Source : Pexels

Beautiful, right? Look at those cars, they look so small, look how most Hollywood movies use aerial shots or footage like these to start a movie. Because it brings a drama that about to happen in a very subtle way. Now we list you two things you could do with aerial shots?


Promotional videos have been widely used to introduce new products from a company.  Who actually even print pamphlets for products? Nobody

Its because currently are the age of technology, pamphlets are a waste of time and for the sore eyes, you want make big impression, pull out the promotion video that is dramatic and also informative, customers will ask about product, showing interest, and if things work out, even buy the product.


Documentation here as in a documentary video, just like the movies. Whos to say, movies could be the only one be dramatic in the filming. We could too and make it to our preferences. Documentation like these would surely left a big impression about an event.


An institution can use aerial video services to introduce their profile. If on a conventional profile or in the form of articles printed on banners, pamphlets, brochures, or billboards there is a risk of damage. It will be different when compared to aerial videos that can be posted online because they can be watched anytime and anywhere. So that the profile of an institution or company can be accessed by all virtual world users in the world. That is why institutions and companies have started to switch to video company profiles that can be immortalized with aerial videos. Example : ever watch an introduction video of any big-scale university, their introduction video will always be full of aerial shots. One of the reasons was, that it best represented the scale this institution is.

Anyone can take pictures, unfortunately, not everyone can take pictures or capture something from the air because of the special equipment and techniques that must be qualified. Even though the results of these aerial photos and videos are very impressive and interesting.

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