Should I Use A Promotion Video?

To increase sales, we really have to do several things, such as lowering prices, increasing the quality of the services or goods we sell, and continuing to carry out promotions. But out of the three things that have been mentioned before, the most important and must be done is to do promotions because it’s useless when you reduce prices and improve quality, but your customers don’t have any idea what kind of products you’re selling. Therefore it is very necessary to do promotion.

There are many ways you can promote the goods or services you have. One way is to make a promotional video. Promotional videos are videos that are intended to advertise or promote products, services, brands, and all things related to your business.

Then the question arises, “why does it have to be a video?”.

The fact that has emerged recently is that every day there are more than 75 million internet users who watch videos.

Therefore, promotion in the form of this video is considered very important and you should start applying it to your business. But there is one more problem, you haven’t or can’t make your own promotional video because of your busy life or your limited time. So, if this is the case, is there any solution for this?

You don’t need to worry! provides a service to help you make a professional promotional video for your goods.

Check out the explanation below:

Providing Promotional Video Editing Services

You will be facilitated by video editing services for the benefit of your business promotion. This promotional video in the context of the content can be in the form of demo videos, event videos, instructional videos, and branding videos.

For the demo video, you will make a video of how your product or business works and the advantages of your brand compared to other brands.

Event videos are promotional videos that will show recordings when your business is holding several events, such as seminars, social actions, product discussions, and so on.

Instructional videos are promotional videos that contain instructions for your customers, such as providing information about how to order or how to contact your contact.

Lastly is the branding video. Video branding is a video that contains the product or service that you provide as a solution to consumer problems.

Produced Efficient and Quality Videos

The videos produced by are videos that can guarantee the level of efficiency and quality. We have an experienced & professional team and use sophisticated equipment that can support the production of promotional videos. Besides that, we also did a series of video edits so that the resulting video is nice to see.

This can ensure that the promotional videos that we make are efficient and of high quality in conveying the information you want. This efficient and quality promotional video will make your business even more sympathetic to the wider community. If you have received public sympathy, it will be easier for you to run the business.

For portfolio and further information, you can visit our website here and take a peek. We look forward to hearing good news from you! also provides more other services that will surely help lighten up your burdens in such fields as documentary, social media management, and designs. Located in Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, has been working professionally on video production, event & wedding documentary, graphic designs, social media optimization & management, and product videography & photography.

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