Benefits of Using Short Videos To Promote Your Product

The population in Indonesia is increasing and the times are getting more sophisticated, then coupled with active social media users will open up an opportunity for digital advertising video service providers. In other words, the millennial generation who carry out online activities through their devices will be a big contributor to internet usage. Therefore, the creation of a short video ad has more potential.

Yesternight.ID wants to tell you what are the benefits of using short video ads:

  • Device Development
    The development of the times will certainly bring the technology used by humans to develop. the development of this tool that can support the development of advertising creation services. One of the things that can be used as an alternative is a short video ad. Videos that can be viewed anywhere and anytime will make it easier to promote a product.
  • Media Development
    There are many media currently that can be used to upload videos for promotion. Not just Youtube. For example, there are video advertising services for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media. That is why currently making short video ads will be very easy to use as a promotional medium on social media.
  • Wider Market
    We know that visitors to YouTube and other social media sites are increasing every day. This can be used as an opportunity to introduce products through short video ads that can be inserted in a YouTube user’s favorite video. In addition, short video ads can also be inserted in the middle of social media activities such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media.

Now that you know what benefits you will get from making short videos, now is the time for Yesternight.ID to tell you the main reasons why you should make short video ads:

  1. Has high attractiveness
    Video occupies the highest position as content that you want to view. in other words, the short video ad created has a high enough chance to be seen by internet users.
  2. Video Content Adds Product Appeal
    When talking about information absorption and memory, the use of images, videos and accompanied by audio will be easier to remember than content that only contains words or words. This can make the video have a high enough appeal. So that using promotional video services will increase the attractiveness of the products offered.
  3. Strengthening Product Identity
    A product marketed through a short video advertisement tends to get high appreciation in the eyes of potential consumers.

You don’t have to be worried because is ready to be your short video service! ? is a creative multimedia agency with experience for the past 6 years. With this experience, we have earned the trust of various parties. One proof of this is that we have been used by hundreds of industries, event organizers, wedding organizers, brands, to local and national companies.

Another advantage is that we use the best system in the field of short video services to always be able to maintain efficiency and quality of work. We also come with economical and pocket-friendly service prices, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. But don’t doubt the services we provide, because the most important thing for us is your quality and your satisfaction.

What are you waiting for! Now is the time for you to use our short video service. You can contact us via:

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