Ads Video Production : Is it worth the cost

What comes to your head first when you think about bottled mineral water?

Is it Aqua? if yes, then my friend, its the beauty of advertisement. Nowadays in any restaurant or even street vendors, when you ask for an Aqua mineral water,  chances are they will give you any mineral water that wasn’t Aqua. The brand became the slang for mineral water, for many of us Indonesians. Part of the reason was, because Aqua is the oldest brand in its industry, but did you know, the legendary Aqua theme song that played every time on TV commercial break.

That time was the golden age of television, everyone watch TV, everyone grew up listening to the ads song until we memorized down to every notes. Ask any stranger in the street, play the first second of the music, they instantly know what music it was. This my friend, is the smart way to market your product, the significance of brand soar up the stock price for Aqua. Because of this, Aqua can sell water with higher price and still be the big players in the industry.

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This is a very smart marketing move. But we going back to the present, now while there are still many people watch television, its usually the older age demographic. Its good for you, if your market target is older demography, but what about the teens. Well they were on the phone, all day. If your target a younger audience then we have to switch from normal television ad to a social media ad.

Now, we have a marketing strategy at hand, demography checked, what else is missing? Yes the ad video. After all you can’t have a business running if you don’t promote. Making a high quality advertisement video need high cost, but with very good quality. The cost is expensive because you need a director, a camera guy, lightning guy, etc. and at the end you need an editor to make and edit your video.

But now, no need to worry. We came here with the solution to your problem. If you’re looking for a professional studio for your advertisement video with a steal of a price. We got your back. How about you sit down and let the professional do the job for you. We are a professional studio specialize in multimedia content creator. Our studio is, a Palangkaraya-based multimedia studio is in your service. has worked with so many industry, Event Organizers, Brand, and companies. We provide the best service for our product and service, with consistency and efficiency in quality. And to top it off, our offering prices is negotiable and a very great steal.

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